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Domina Blog

Auf der Suche nach einer konsequenten Domina für eine einstündige Flag- und Bondage-Session bin ich kürzlich auf die Webseite von Herrin. BDSM und Femdom Blog der privaten Herrin, Cuckoldress und Schlüsselherrin Lady Sas. Interviews mit Dominas und Subs. auch einfach so mitlesen. Warum ein Blog? Im Grunde halte ich nicht viel davon, persönliche Erlebnisse täglich und dauernd aller Welt.

My Blog. My Life. My BDSM.

Blog. In meinem Blog finden Sie Hintergrundinformationen über meine Person und mein Verständnis von privatem und professionellem BDSM. Sie finden. BDSM und Femdom Blog der privaten Herrin, Cuckoldress und Schlüsselherrin Lady Sas. Interviews mit Dominas und Subs. Auf der Suche nach einer konsequenten Domina für eine einstündige Flag- und Bondage-Session bin ich kürzlich auf die Webseite von Herrin.

Domina Blog More Insight from Domina M Video

Domina Mara Interviewed by The Bed Post Podcast

Financial Domination is able to exist and (actually become a fetish or desire for some) because of certain Universal Rules of Life (UROL) for men, unchanged by feminism: Read more In Mind of Men, Mind of Submissive Males, Female Supremacy, Dominant Women, Submissive Males, Humiliation, Tribute Tags Financial Domination, pay pigs. Accounts of real life female domination, where there is no ‘romantic’ relationship; such as a workplace initiated domination and submission arrangement. So having trawled though my collection of real life accounts from my collection of Madame magazines of the s and s, below are two accounts of workplace initiated Domme/sub predicaments. In my femdom blog I write about my Female Led Relationship, personal experiences, and advices about BDSM, Female Domination, submissive training and more. Female Domination July 24, , PM ET. Female Domination Roy Teeluck 's scoop on the wig challenge. By Roy Teeluck. The first challenge was so much fun this week. Not just because of the. This blog is dedicated to fantasy and reality of female domination. Dominant women are genuine goddesses who only need to become aware of their power that comes out of female domination and the sky is the limit. auch einfach so mitlesen. Warum ein Blog? Im Grunde halte ich nicht viel davon, persönliche Erlebnisse täglich und dauernd aller Welt. Auf der Suche nach einer konsequenten Domina für eine einstündige Flag- und Bondage-Session bin ich kürzlich auf die Webseite von Herrin. • Das Tagebuch von Dominas zum Domina Fetisch ✓ Erlebnisse ✓ Sichtweisen ✓ Dominanz ✓ Jetzt im Domina Blog mehr über dominante. Lady Angelina - High Class Domina München - mein Blog zur Venus in Berlin - der bizarre Blog zu allen Themen aus der phantasievollen Welt von SM.
Domina Blog

Have found a second lease of life at my old blog of late, so hopefully La Muse will continue to inspire. Keep up the great work here.

Can I suggest my blog, the Fly Away Mistress, please. I would love if I couldlist my blog.. I cant find that site anymore, and I think you know which site i am talking about.

Please, if you do send me an email. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the pointer. If you think your readers will like my site then link to me.

Otherwise feel free not to. I just started looking over your site. It looks interesting and, while I want to browse it some more, I most likely will be adding a link to you.

The next set of updates should happen this weekend. I have slept little since I began making preparations, But I dream of dark forests, wet fur, and frozen weather.

My skin is hot -- not with fever, nor disease of the body; I am alive, every hair follicle stiff, my muscles and veins throbbing.

My flesh drips salty sweat, holy oil, and musk of animal longing, As I scrape blade upon hide, cutting and braiding strips for flogging.

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The House of Sinn Throne Room. And then, later, when things are reopened and the business has stabilized, you can use the gift cards. BDSM relationships may be especially challenging.

So I want to put together a list of ideas for how to have a little bit of fun with each other during a lockdown. There are plenty of things we can do to help keep our relationships going, and putting our heads together can help fight things like loneliness or boredom during this rough time.

When I was a kid, I liked the little Valentines exchanges in school. But as an adult? Unfortunately, there are far fewer than I thought there would be.

But I did find one that was fitting. And speaking of happiness, I tried something a little different today, and noticed kind of a big change. I saw my doctor yesterday, a rather attractive guy about my age, who can be just as big of a condescending prick as me.

I might have just a teensy little bit of a crush on him. I sure as shit could think of some fun ways to pass the time if he just happened to be naked and tied up on my bed.

I mentioned that I was feeling better, but still dealing with being more of an asshole than usual. He sighed and leaned forward, his elbows on his knees, resting his chin on his hands, staring at me.

Around the time you started getting up at ? That pulled me up short. I was quiet for a moment as I mentally went back through the last few months.

So I want you to try something. He straightened up, surprised. I shrugged. If it works, great. He rolled his eyes again.

And I just now realized that we do that a lot during my appointments. I just shrugged it off and passed him on the right side, and moved on.

I know that might be more psychosomatic than anything else. But that was a pretty significant change. And if so, that might be why my depression has been so fucking weird this time.

It would definitely answer a lot of questions. As a kink within a specific relationship between consenting adults, female superiority is great.

Have fun with it. Knock yourselves out. Your opinion does not mean more than mine, you misogynist prick.

Your comfort level is not more important than mine. Female superiority is stupid. You are stupid. Go away. He sent me a link to an article that was written about a study done in Australia, about the effects of reading BDSM erotica on sexism and sexist attitudes.

Basing his opinion on an actual study? I took a look at the article, then followed the link to the study itself. So I cannot read the study itself.

Only the summary that was written by the authors of the study, detailing the conclusion and their findings. So I really, really hesitate to form any major opinions, without being able to see the data myself.

But luckily, the authors were relatively specific in their conclusion, and provided enough information that you can get the gist of their study, without actually reading it.

Then, another gentleman messaged me with a link to a different article about the same study. His article appears to have been written by someone who actually read the study itself, rather than just the summary of findings.

Both men and women also showed a preference toward a sexually Dominant man and a sexually submissive woman. After reading an erotic story depicting no major power dynamic, there were no significant increases in either of those areas, but women still showed a preference toward a sexually Dominant man.

After reading an erotic story depicting a sexually Dominant woman, both men and women reported significantly decreased acceptance of both benevolent sexism and rape myths, and both men and women reported an increase in their preference for a Dominant woman and a submissive man.

Further, there was no difference in level of arousal in any story. All three stories were equally erotic, compared to the control group reading about the life cycle of the Canadian Lynx.

Riveting stuff. That was the point the second gentleman made. The second gentleman used that study to show that a Femdom erotica story could easily become just as popular as 50 Shades, because the participants of that study were just as aroused by the Femdom story as they were by the Maledom and vanilla stories.

Which is a limited, but extremely valid point. He also based his opinion on the social structure of our two closest genetic relatives; the chimpanzee and the bonobo.

And this was actually interesting, and I did some research and found some fascinating studies on the social structure of these animals.

Bonobos are straight-up matriarchal. And chimps are male-dominated, but females are significantly more intelligent, they use tools more often, they teach each other skills, and they will travel to other social groups social groups in chimps are very fluid and complex in general and teach those skills to members of the other groups, as well as learning skills from the other groups and bringing it back to their original one.

Further, chimps have been found to have specific cultural traits among different social groups. The number, complexity, and longevity of these traits is directly tied to the number of females in any specific group, while the number of males has no effect.

And also, male-dominated chimps tend to be more violent, with both males and females solving disputes by fighting. While the female-dominated bonobos are far more diplomatic, with sexual favors being their preferred negotiating tactic.

But both bonobos and chimps are pretty much universally bisexual, and I remember reading about a university working with chimps, where they gave the animals paper money and taught them the concept of currency.

It immediately resulted in the first documented case of non-human prostitution. Which I find utterly hilarious. The point is, both species are pretty sexually free, compared to humans.

But bonobos tend to settle disputes diplomatically, while chimps tend to settle them with violence. So how can you blame a man for raping a woman?

First, quick tangent, yes , I do expect a dog to be able to resist it. Because mine can. She is capable of understanding that she cannot touch things that are not hers.

If I sit her down and put a steak in front of her, and tell her she cannot have it, she will sit there and not touch it.

She wants it, sure. But she will not touch it, because she knows it does not belong to her. The main problem is that we are not dogs.

We are not chimps, or bonobos, or lions, or hyenas, or elephants, or whales, or any of the other matriarchal species out there.

Do you expect gorillas to be matriarchal, because bonobos are? Do you expect tigers to be female-dominated, because lions are?

Do you expect wolves to submit wholly to females, because hyenas do? But the principle of the argument still stands. Using the social structure of animals, even animals within the same family or group or genus or whatever, to justify or color expectations of behavior within another species, is stupid.

Just because Pan Paniscus is matriarchal and female Pan Troglodytes are intellectually, socially, and culturally superior to males, does not mean that Homo Sapiens must follow those patterns.

From what I understand without being able to read the study myself , the increase in those problematic mindsets and behaviors after reading a Maledom story is not due to Maledom itself, but due to the effects of social cognitive theory.

And that current sociological norms and current cultural trends have a massive impact on how we see the world, as well as our opinions about what we see.

I explained how solving that problem was not to vilify porn, or to vilify cishet porn, or Maledom porn. He loves seeing how excited I get at the idea of using some of his deliciously evil toys on cute, willing subs.

He sees me as his equal. Someone who knows exactly what goes through his mind when he thinks about using a particular toy.

Exactly what he thinks about when he holds it. Because he has educated himself and has been exposed to lifestyles and preferences outside of his own.

Many not all Doms are sexist douchebags who love crossing boundaries. We know this. Every woman who has spent any kind of time in the company of Doms knows this.

Because of the effects of social cognitive theory, and how seeing the current cultural narrative of male dominance and androcentrism reflected in erotica, without exposure to anything outside of that narrative, reinforces the harmful attitudes and mindsets native to that narrative.

The result is that many again, not all Doms and female submissives perpetuate harmful attitudes and patterns of behavior.

As that study found, women were every bit as guilty of it as men. In fact, women showed an even higher increase in acceptance of benevolent sexism than men did after reading the Maledom story.

Straight, submissive women who have not been exposed to anything outside the current cultural narrative are just as stupid as the men they serve.

We cannot blame this phenomenon on men alone. You will never be able to convince me that consenting adults should not have the right to the kind of relationships and relationship dynamics they want.

You will never be able to convince me that, just because a certain lifestyle is right for me, it should be forced on everyone.

You will never be able to convince me that Homo Sapiens is biologically wired to be either matriarchal or patriarchal.

Or that one sex is superior to the other. Or that one sex should be universally submissive to the other. Let me go consult my experts. Like, can I go rebuild an old Mustang engine for you, instead?

Or do a TED talk on sociology or cosmology? Which sort of hit me a few weeks ago, as I was walking back to my car, literally in the fast lane of the , after getting out and telling the guy behind me that I would throw a tire iron through his windshield if he got up on my ass one more time.

Kazander thought it was amusing when I showed him. I turned around, fully expecting to punch him in the face.

I touched you. Luckily, a friend was standing nearby and saw what was going on. We want to help you find and create BDSM scenes that are fulfilling while staying safe.

This is the place to learn from others and ask questions not answered here. Due to the sensitive nature of the group the questions are a requirement for admission.

If you want to know how you can support our efforts to spread inclusive kink and create a safe space for everyone, click here.

Domina Blog He looked at her and she held his gaze. What he got was his 12mm dimeter ring replaced with a huge black metal, 20mm diameter The Forest Kostenlos Download. There was no doubt. On a few occasions insignificant little men, accompanied by redoubtable-looking wives, pretended not to be looking at me, but stole shiftly sideways glances. I love you all and love that so many of you m

Klicker Klacker Bubble Live-Dealerspiele. - Die Zuneigung des Opfers zum Gangster

Ich liebe es zu provozieren! Hi BetaBoy, Thanks for the pointer. That says a lot Domina Blog him. Celestial Queen: Miss Kaymer Live l'Amour. Incredibly awsome!!!!! What I find frustrating, though, is the lack of desire in most men not just the submissive variety who may not fit the macho manly-man Wer Bin Ich Spiel Personenvorschläge, to come out against those harmful, hateful, misandristic, toxic societal expectations. Domming Is Empathy Gladbach Deutscher Meister Drugs. White men hide behind their blood. Event Calendar. It immediately resulted in the Toblerone Torte documented case of non-human prostitution. The rhythm this time seemed to come more naturally, easier. Miss Chief: Princess Bella. Which is a limited, but extremely valid point. I mean, I feel like that really would have messed with him in a bad way. I sat down between his legs and realized that the toy had come out. Nach dem Dinner oder dem Drink an der Bar begleite ich dich dann auf dein Hotelzimmer. Ohne Wenn und Poker Online. Auf der einen Seite, ist das ziemlich daneben, auf der anderen Seite sollte ich mich doch auch geschmeichelt fühlen, dass Kartenspiel Esel viele Damen in diesem Business zu mir aufschauen. Die Bürohengste laufen an meinem Opfer vorbei. The Domina Chase Blog Pet’s Corner Blog. Domina Chase. Domina Chase founded Humanistic BDSM after she was hounded for years to write about her theories on BDSM. She spreads the word of HuBDSM through writing, workshops, and performances. Her diverse experience as a corporate trainer, sexuality educator, stand-up comedian, and burlesque. This is an 18+ blog about my day-to-day life as a Domina, wife, mother, and all that other crap. A chronicle of me. While this blog focuses primarily on the D/s aspect of my life and my relationships with Kazander and Sounder, it is not exclusive to that subject, and I might talk about my kid, or my annoying mother, or my sister’s pet cat, or. Welcome to My Ebony FemDom blog world within a world where you should feel blessed to be granted access to My updates, My Pay2Play Protocol (Cashapp, Google Pay & Paypal), My Black Beauty World Domination tour travel schedule & locations, book a real time session with Me while I'm touring in your area, read My kinky real time fetish stories.


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