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Biden Vp

United States President Donald Trump commented on the recent nomination of Kamala Harris as Democratic Party's vice president, saying she has "told many. Les tout derniers Tweets de Joe Biden (@JoeBiden). President-elect, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Ready to build back better for all. Während Biden auf mehr Umverteilung und mehr «grüne Wirtschaft» setzt, heisst das Motto von Trump unverändert «America First». Wir zeigen.

Trump 'surprised' Biden chose Harris as Dems VP nominee

Joe Biden's vice presidential pick will face stiff competition to succeed him. The Democratic nominee chose U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of. Les tout derniers Tweets de Joe Biden (@JoeBiden). President-elect, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Ready to build back better for all. Joseph Robinette „Joe“ Biden, Jr. ist ein US-amerikanischer Politiker der Demokratischen Partei und der designierte Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten. Von 19gehörte er als Vertreter des Bundesstaates Delaware dem Senat der Vereinigten.

Biden Vp My fellow Americans — Video

US Election 2020: Who will Joe Biden pick as his Vice-President? - BBC Newsnight

Biden Vp Die Reaktion unabhängig Spiele 10000 Farbe der Regierung war letzten Endes opportunistisch. Es ist zu erwarten, dass der Zugang zur Krankenversorgung stärker geöffnet wird. Biden macht das Rennen. Tammy Duckworth, 52, Senatorin aus Illinois. Biden made the selection public after weeks of considering several other women for the job. Biden Vp of Public Policy and Administration. Kamala Lotto 24.De Seriös The many identities of the first woman vice-president. To make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy. When Sanders suspended his campaign on April 8,Biden became the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee for Lizenzvergabe. Third party and independent candidates. Retrieved December 2, Hill said he ran his hand from her shoulder down her back. Despite its lack of success, Biden's campaign raised his stature in the political world. Fairbanks — James S. Biden remained in the public eye, endorsing candidates while continuing to comment on politics, climate change, and the ongoing presidency of Donald Trump. No means no if you're in bed, in a dorm or on the street. I believe it is this: Americans have called on us to marshal the forces of decency and the forces of fairness. And we are a Deutsche Postcode Lotterie Erfahrung people. I believe at our best America is a beacon for the globe. Read Latimer White Horsey C. Now, his agenda has changed". Retrieved April Boyaa Texas Poker, He represented Delaware in the United States Senate from to Steven Chu — Ernest Moniz — Biden was reelected to the Senate six times, and was the fourth-most senior senator when he resigned to serve as Barack Obama's vice president after they won the presidential election; Obama and Biden were reelected in As vice president, Biden oversaw infrastructure spending in to counteract the Great soin-chamanique.comed by: Dick Cheney. 6/18/ · Biden’s former opponents Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) tend to lead in polls of Democratic voters and are widely seen as frontrunners for the Andrew Solender. 8/12/ · Kamala Harris named by Joe Biden as his VP pick. If elected, the senator would be the nation’s first female, first Black and first Asian American vice president. President-elect Joe Biden laid out his vision for his soon-to-be vice president’s role, saying Kamala Harris will be asked to take on “the urgent need of the moment” rather than pursue her. As Joe Biden's self-imposed deadline for making up his mind on a vice presidential pick -- August 1 -- draws closer, the former vice president and his VP vetting team have gone almost totally. With Joe Biden expected to formally announce his vice presidential pick this week, I'm breaking format to bring you the five women most likely to be his choice. These picks are based on. President-elect Biden and VP-elect Harris were interviewed on CNN this week Credit: AP:Associated Press. NewsMax' Benny Johnson also slammed Biden's statement as a "bizarre, peculiar and alarming. Joe Biden thinks he is going to win the White House in 84 days' time. That's the unmistakeable message he sent when, via text, his campaign announced that he had picked Sen. Kamala Harris of.
Biden Vp Joseph Robinette „Joe“ Biden, Jr. ist ein US-amerikanischer Politiker der Demokratischen Partei und der designierte Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten. Von 19gehörte er als Vertreter des Bundesstaates Delaware dem Senat der Vereinigten. Joseph Robinette „Joe“ Biden, Jr. [ˈd͡ʒoʊ̯zəf ˌɹɑbɪˈnɛt ˈbaɪ̯dən] (* November „Joe Biden takes the oath of Office of Vice President“ (ab ) auf YouTube; ↑ CNN Projection: Joe Biden Wins the Presidency. CNN, 7. Les tout derniers Tweets de Joe Biden (@JoeBiden). President-elect, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Ready to build back better for all. Joe Biden has vowed to pick a woman as his running mate. But of the many qualified contenders, who should win the veepstakes? Michelle and Frank have.

I will now be an American president. Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end — here and now.

The refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with one another is not due to some mysterious force beyond our control.

And if we can decide not to cooperate, then we can decide to cooperate. And I believe that this is part of the mandate from the American people.

They want us to cooperate. And I call on the Congress — Democrats and Republicans alike — to make that choice with me.

The American story is about the slow, yet steady widening of opportunity. Make no mistake: Too many dreams have been deferred for too long.

FDR in — promising a beleaguered country a New Deal. We have the opportunity to defeat despair and to build a nation of prosperity and purpose.

Our nation is shaped by the constant battle between our better angels and our darkest impulses. Tonight, the whole world is watching America.

I believe at our best America is a beacon for the globe. And we lead not by the example of our power, but by the power of our example.

That in America everyone should be given the opportunity to go as far as their dreams and God-given ability will take them.

Ahead to an America that creates jobs with dignity and respect. Ahead to an America that cures disease — like cancer and Alzheimers. It captures the faith that sustains me and which I believe sustains America.

And I hope it can provide some comfort and solace to the more than , families who have lost a loved one to this terrible virus this year.

My heart goes out to each and every one of you. Hopefully this hymn gives you solace as well. With full hearts and steady hands, with faith in America and in each other, with a love of country — and a thirst for justice — let us be the nation that we know we can be.

Kennedy's inaugural address ; two years earlier he had used a passage by Hubert Humphrey. A few days later an incident in law school in which he drew text from a Fordham Law Review article with inadequate citations was publicized.

He also made several false or exaggerated claims about his early life: that he had earned three degrees in college, that he had attended law school on a full scholarship, that he had graduated in the top half of his class, [97] [98] and that he had marched in the civil rights movement.

In February , after several episodes of increasingly severe neck pain, Biden was taken by ambulance to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for surgery to correct a leaking intracranial berry aneurysm.

After a second aneurysm was surgically repaired in May, [] [] Biden's recuperation kept him away from the Senate for seven months.

Biden was a longtime member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. He chaired it from to and was ranking minority member from to and from to As chairman, Biden presided over two highly contentious U.

Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Conservatives were angered, [] but at the hearings' close Biden was praised for his fairness, humor and courage.

Constitution provides rights to liberty and privacy beyond those explicitly enumerated in its text. During Clarence Thomas's nomination hearings in , Biden's questions on constitutional issues were often convoluted to the point that Thomas sometimes lost track of them, [] and Thomas later wrote that Biden's questions had been akin to " beanballs ".

Biden was critical of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr during the s Whitewater controversy and Lewinsky scandal investigations, saying "it's going to be a cold day in hell" before another independent counsel would be granted similar powers.

Biden was also a longtime member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He became its ranking minority member in , and chaired it from June to and to Biden voted against authorization for the Gulf War in , [] siding with 45 of the 55 Democratic senators; he said the U.

Biden became interested in the Yugoslav Wars after hearing about Serbian abuses during the Croatian War of Independence in Bush administration and Clinton administration were both reluctant to implement the policy, fearing Balkan entanglement.

Biden wrote an amendment in to compel the Bush administration to arm the Bosnians, but deferred in to a somewhat softer stance the Clinton administration preferred, before signing on the following year to a stronger measure sponsored by Bob Dole and Joe Lieberman.

Biden was a strong supporter of the war in Afghanistan , saying, "Whatever it takes, we should do it. They gave testimony grossly misrepresenting the intent, history and status of Saddam and his secular government, which was an avowed enemy of al-Qaida , and touting Iraq's fictional possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Biden eventually became a critic of the war and viewed his vote and role as a "mistake", but did not push for U. By late , Biden's stance had shifted considerably, and he opposed the troop surge of , [] [] saying General David Petraeus was "dead, flat wrong" in believing the surge could work.

Gelb , president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations , released a comprehensive strategy to end sectarian violence in Iraq.

Embassy in Baghdad issued a statement distancing itself from it. He later apologized for his language. Biden was consistently ranked one of the least wealthy members of the Senate, [] [] [] which he attributed to his having been elected young.

The political writer Howard Fineman has written, "Biden is not an academic, he's not a theoretical thinker, he's a great street pol. He comes from a long line of working people in Scranton—auto salesmen, car dealers, people who know how to make a sale.

He has that great Irish gift. Broder wrote that Biden has grown over time: "He responds to real people—that's been consistent throughout.

And his ability to understand himself and deal with other politicians has gotten much much better. Themal wrote that Biden "occupies the sensible center of the Democratic Party".

Biden has a reputation for loquacity; [] he is a strong speaker and debater and an effective guest on Sunday morning talk shows.

Biden chose not to run for president in in part because he had voted against authorizing the Gulf War , [] and did not run in because, he said, he felt he had little chance of winning and could best serve the country by remaining in the Senate.

During his campaign, Biden focused on the Iraq War , his record as chairman of major Senate committees, and his foreign-policy experience.

Biden rejected speculation that he might become Secretary of State, [] focusing on only the presidency.

The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training. Biden had difficulty raising funds, struggled to draw people to his rallies, and failed to gain traction against the high-profile candidacies of Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton.

In the first contest on January 3, , Biden placed fifth in the Iowa caucuses , garnering slightly less than one percent of the state delegates.

Despite its lack of success, Biden's campaign raised his stature in the political world. Although they had served together on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee , they had not been close: Biden resented Obama's quick rise to political stardom, [] [] while Obama viewed Biden as garrulous and patronizing.

Shortly after Biden withdrew from the presidential race, Obama privately told him he was interested in finding an important place for Biden in his administration.

Biden's vice-presidential campaigning gained little media visibility, as far greater press attention was focused on the Republican running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

It literally saddens me. Post-debate polls found that while Palin exceeded many voters' expectations, Biden had won the debate overall. Under instructions from the campaign, Biden kept his speeches succinct and tried to avoid offhand remarks, such as one about Obama's being tested by a foreign power soon after taking office, which had attracted negative attention.

Biden ran for reelection to his Senate seat as well as for vice president, [] as permitted by Delaware law. Biden said he intended to eliminate some of the explicit roles assumed by George W.

Bush's vice president, Dick Cheney , and did not intend to emulate any previous vice presidency. Obama was soon comparing Biden to a basketball player "who does a bunch of things that don't show up in the stat sheet".

Biden was also in charge of overseeing infrastructure spending from the Obama stimulus package intended to help counteract the ongoing recession , and stressed that only worthy projects should get funding.

In late April , Biden's off-message response to a question during the beginning of the swine flu outbreak , that he would advise family members against traveling on airplanes or subways, led to a swift retraction by the White House.

Vice President, you're right Members of the Obama administration said Biden's role in the White House was to be a contrarian and force others to defend their positions.

Biden campaigned heavily for Democrats in the midterm elections , maintaining an attitude of optimism in the face of predictions of large-scale losses for the party.

In March , Obama delegated Biden to lead negotiations between Congress and the White House in resolving federal spending levels for the rest of the year and avoiding a government shutdown.

He was a key to the deal. Some reports suggest that Biden opposed to going forward with the May U. In October , Biden said Obama had asked him to remain as his running mate for the presidential election , [] but with Obama's popularity on the decline, White House chief of staff William M.

Daley conducted some secret polling and focus group research in late on the idea of replacing Biden on the ticket with Hillary Clinton.

Biden's May statement that he was "absolutely comfortable" with same-sex marriage gained considerable public attention in comparison to Obama's position, which had been described as "evolving".

The Obama campaign nevertheless still valued Biden as a retail-level politician who could connect with disaffected, blue-collar workers and rural residents, and he had a heavy schedule of appearances in swing states as the Obama reelection campaign began in earnest in spring But during any Biden speech, there might be a dozen moments to make press handlers cringe, and prompt reporters to turn to each other with amusement and confusion.

Biden was nominated for a second term as vice president at the Democratic National Convention in September. Biden was inaugurated to a second term on January 20, , at a small ceremony at Number One Observatory Circle , his official residence, with Justice Sonia Sotomayor presiding a public ceremony took place on January This was because Senate majority leader Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders cut him out of any direct talks with Congress, feeling Biden had given too much away during previous negotiations.

Biden's Violence Against Women Act was reauthorized again in He said, "No means no, if you're drunk or you're sober. No means no if you're in bed, in a dorm or on the street.

No means no even if you said yes at first and you changed your mind. No means no. Biden favored arming Syria's rebel fighters.

This defiance of protocol led Biden and more than 50 congressional Democrats to skip Netanyahu's speech. Biden never cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate , making him the longest-serving vice president with this distinction.

During his second term, Biden was often said to be preparing for a possible bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. He cited his son's recent death as a large drain on his emotional energy, and said, "nobody has a right After leaving the Vice-Presidency, Biden became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, while continuing to lead efforts to find treatments for cancer.

Biden remained in the public eye, endorsing candidates while continuing to comment on politics, climate change, and the ongoing presidency of Donald Trump.

Between and , media outlets often mentioned Biden as a likely candidate for president in Biden said he would decide whether to run or not by January , [] but made no announcement at that time.

Friends said he was "very close to saying yes" but was concerned about the effect another presidential run could have on his family and reputation, as well as fundraising struggles and perceptions about his age and relative centrism.

In September , it was reported that Trump had pressured Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate alleged wrongdoing by Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Beginning in , Trump and his allies falsely accused Biden of getting the Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin fired because he was supposedly pursuing an investigation into Burisma Holdings , which employed Hunter Biden.

In , Biden pressured the Ukrainian parliament to remove Shokin because the United States, the European Union and other international organizations considered Shokin corrupt and ineffective, and in particular because Shokin was not assertively investigating Burisma.

Throughout , Biden stayed generally ahead of other Democrats in national polls. When Sanders suspended his campaign on April 8, , Biden became the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee for president.

Senator Kamala Harris of California as his running mate, making her the first African American and South Asian American vice-presidential nominee on a major-party ticket.

On August 18, , Biden was officially nominated at the Democratic National Convention as the Democratic Party nominee for president in the election.

Biden has been accused several times of inappropriate non-sexual contact, such as embracing, kissing, and gripping, and once of sexual assault.

By , a series of swearings-in and other events at which Biden had placed his hands on people and talked closely to them attracted attention in the press and on social media.

In March , former Nevada assemblywoman Lucy Flores alleged that Biden had touched her without her consent at a campaign rally in Las Vegas.

In an op-ed, Flores wrote that Biden had walked up behind her, put his hands on her shoulders, smelled her hair, and kissed the back of her head, adding that the way he touched her was "an intimate way reserved for close friends, family, or romantic partners—and I felt powerless to do anything about it.

Caitlin Caruso said Biden placed his hand on her thigh, and D. Hill said he ran his hand from her shoulder down her back.

Biden apologized for not understanding how people would react to his actions, but said his intentions were honorable and that he would be more "mindful of people's personal space".

He went on to say he was not sorry for anything he had ever done, which led critics to accuse him of sending a mixed message. Biden was elected the 46th president of the United States in November , defeating the incumbent, Donald Trump , the first sitting president to lose reelection since George H.

Bush in He is the second non-incumbent vice president after Richard Nixon in to be elected president. Biden is expected to be inaugurated at noon on January 20, Testing materials would be distributed by a "Pandemic Testing Board".

He later announced that Janet Yellen was his nominee for Secretary of the Treasury. Murphy formally recognized Biden as the apparent winner of the presidential election and authorized the start of a transition process to the Biden administration.

Biden has been characterized as a moderate Democrat. Biden supported the fiscal stimulus in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of ; [] [] the Obama administration's proposed increased infrastructure spending; [] mass transit , including Amtrak , bus, and subway subsidies; [] and the reduced military spending in the Obama administration's fiscal year budget.

Biden has supported reproductive rights ; [] same-sex marriage ; [] the Roe v. Wade decision; and since has supported repealing the Hyde Amendment.

As vice president, he served as a White House liaison to police. Biden has said he is against regime change , but for providing non-military support to opposition movements.

D , [] the University of Pennsylvania LL. D , [] Colby College LL. In , Biden received Working Mother magazine's Best of Congress Award for "improving the American quality of life through family-friendly work policies".

Biden, Jr. School of Public Policy and Administration. The Biden Institute is housed there. Convention Primaries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Biden disambiguation. Neilia Hunter. Jill Jacobs. Beau Hunter Naomi Ashley. Joseph Robinette Biden Sr. Catherine Eugenia Finnegan.

See also: Family of Joe Biden. This article is part of a series about. Presidency -elect. Presidential campaigns.

Vice presidential campaigns. Main article: United States Senate election in Delaware. Main article: Joe Biden presidential campaign. Main articles: Barack Obama presidential campaign and Democratic Party vice presidential candidate selection.

Main article: Barack Obama presidential campaign. See also: Democratic Party presidential primaries. See also: United States presidential election.

Further information: Presidential transition of Joe Biden. Main article: Political positions of Joe Biden. Main article: List of honors received by Joe Biden.

See also: List of things named after Joe Biden. Main article: Electoral history of Joe Biden. Biden, Joseph R.

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In May , he had urged McCain to run as vice president with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry , saying the cross-party ticket would help heal the "vicious rift" in U.

At that time, incumbent president Donald Trump was still refusing to concede defeat and claiming the election had been stolen from him by alleged electoral fraud, and Emily W.

Murphy , the Trump-appointed Administrator of the General Services Administration GSA , whose task it is to formally certify the winners as "President-elect" and "Vice-President-elect" in order to start the transition, [] [] had not yet done so.

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Retrieved November 24, Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Retrieved August 19, The Washington Post. At a White House news conference on Tuesday, Mr Trump, a Republican, said he was pleased with Mr Biden's choice, adding that Ms Harris did "very, very poorly" in her effort to become the Democratic nominee.

In last year's race to be the Democratic nominee, Kamala Harris showed herself to be a forceful speaker, launching blistering attacks on Donald Trump.

One of the traditional roles is to go on the offensive in exposing the opposition's weaknesses, while the presidential nominee focuses on communicating the party's message, says the BBC's North America reporter Anthony Zurcher.

Constitutionally, the vice-president steps in to the top job should the president die or leave office during his or her term. Mr Biden will turn 78 in November, meaning should he be elected he will be the oldest US president in history Ronald Reagan was 77 when he left office.

Only two other women have been nominated as vice-presidential candidates for a major party - Sarah Palin by the Republican party in and Geraldine Ferraro by the Democrats in Neither were on the winning ticket.

A woman of colour has never been appointed to a presidential ticket by either of the two main American political parties. No woman has won the US presidency either.

He described her as "a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country's finest public servants". He noted how she had worked closely with his late son, Beau, when she was California's attorney general.

Mr Biden pledged in March to name a woman on the ticket. He had faced mounting calls to pick a black woman in recent months as the nation has been convulsed by social unrest over police brutality against African Americans, a key voting bloc for the Democratic Party.

Ms Harris, 55, dropped out of the presidential race in December after failing to make headway in her bid to win the Democratic nomination.

She repeatedly clashed with Mr Biden during the primary election debates, most notably criticising his praise for the "civil" working relationship he had with former senators who favoured racial segregation.

Ms Harris was born in Oakland, California, to two immigrant parents: an Indian-born mother and Jamaican-born father. She went on to attend Howard University, one of the nation's preeminent historically black colleges and universities.

She has described her time there as among the most formative experiences of her life. Ms Harris says she's always been comfortable with her identity and simply describes herself as "an American".

The Trump campaign pounced on that moment immediately after Biden's announcement in a freshly cut ad — which Trump himself tweeted moments after the announcement — that alleged Harris attacked "Biden for racist policies" and that slammed the pair as "Slow Joe and Phony Kamala.

Later, at a White House press conference, Trump said Harris was "nasty" and "disrespectful" to Biden during the primary. The president also criticized her for being "extraordinarily nasty" to Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation hearing for nomination to the Supreme Court.

In the months after she left the race, Harris had given her full support to the Biden campaign. She has often campaigned virtually for Biden, holding joint fundraisers with the candidate and roundtables around issues like the racial disparities in coronavirus cases and protecting the Affordable Care Act.

Harris was praised for her pointed questioning of Attorney General Bill Barr and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during their respective confirmation hearings, highlighting her record as a prosecutor.

But that record, especially on issues like marijuana convictions and truancy , has also been a source of criticism, especially from younger, more progressive voters.

Biden made the selection public after weeks of considering several other women for the job. Other top contenders included former national security adviser Susan Rice, Sen.

Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Gretchen Whitmer. Former President Barack Obama lauded the pick as Biden's "ideal partner to help him tackle the very real challenges America faces right now and in the years ahead.

Many of the women who had been under consideration for the job also offered their congratulations to Harris after Biden made his selection known.

KamalaHarris will be a great partner to JoeBiden in making our government a powerful force for good in the fight for social, racial, and economic justice.

Another former Democratic presidential contender, Sen. Bernie Sanders , I-Vt.

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